‘Boro Browse returns to campus

Amina Ramsey

Update: ‘Boro Browse has been moved to the Russell Union Ballroom due to the possibility of rain on Tuesday. 

The ‘Boro Browse will be making its way to campus Tuesday morning at the Russell Union Rotunda and Commons for all students to enjoy.

The event is hosted by the Office of Student Activities and it comes to campus every fall and spring semester.

MyInvolvement states that the ‘Boro Browse gives campus departments, Statesboro area businesses and non-profit agencies an opportunity to visit campus and share information about their goods and services with Georgia Southern.

Kendra Kittinger, the Activities Coordinator of the Office of Student Activities, says that the categories of organizations that will be at the ‘Boro Browse include: housing, banking, apparel and shoes, non-profit, entertainment, faith-based, food, technology services, health and beauty, fitness, and medical services.

Kittinger also states that the main goal of this event is, “to show the campus community what Statesboro has to offer. It offers that home away from home feeling that they miss or need that they can get from the Statesboro area.”

Tables will be lined inside and outside of the Russell Union Rotunda during the ‘Boro Browse and each table will host a campus department, non-profit agency or local business.

The benefits of this event are free food and free stuff.

One local business that will be present at ‘Boro Browse is Mellow Mushroom.

“We’ll be giving away lots of pizza slices and swags. We’ll have cups, frisbees, hats, some sunglasses. We have lots of fun stuff to give away tomorrow,” Melanie Kappel who is a manager at Mellow Mushroom in Statesboro, said.

The event will be from 11 a.m.- 1 p.m. on August 22.