Surviving Flu Season


Brianna Quarterman

Fall is the time of year when the leaves are changing, the trees are changing colors, and the air is a lot crisper. Shades of orange, brown and red are prevalent everywhere. But it is also flu season. Beginning in October and sometimes lasting until May, flu season is the time when healthy habits count the most.
Staying away from the flu can be a hard task especially while attending a university filled with thousands of students you are in contact with daily. Flu prevention can begin in the morning. On your way to class, drink a glass of orange juice. The Vitamin C is a good boost of antibiotics what are sure to act as a defense against the flu. Staying busy and exercising are also great methods to keep your body functioning.
Keeping cough drops handy is always a good idea because they do a great job soothing a sore throat. Be sure to carry miniature hand sanitizers in your backpack so you can keep your hands clean while on the go. Also, taking the time to spray your backpack, books, car keys, and cell phone with Lysol or even just wiping them down with an antibacterial wipe are great prevention methods for the flu.

So what happens after you have been exercising, drinking orange juice, and you still manage to get the flu? Getting a vaccination may be the next option for you. Clinics and universities offer flu shots for students; some even offer a discounted rate. Before receiving the vaccine, be sure to check with your doctor to confirm the vaccine is the best option for you. There are other alternatives like over the counter nasal spray to help you get rid of the flu.
If you do end up with the sniffles be sure to keep your hands clean and remain in cool environments to stop the germs from spreading, because they thrive in warm temperatures. Have movies lined up if you have to spend a few days in bed, as well as a few magazines and books to read.
With the use of these tips, you will definitely be able to survive flu season!