2017-2018 SGA Elections Results

Photo courtesy of SGA.

Jozsef Papp

Exec Board

Dylan John – Valencia Warren – President & Executive Vice-President (Incumbents)

 1840 votes

Anu Morton – VP Auxiliary Affairs

1108 votes

Lizzy Jacks – VP Student Engagement

1786 votes

Emily Stephens – VP Finance

1806 votes

Grantson Martin – VP Academic Affairs

1778 votes


Isabel Thomas

1031 votes

Jarvis Steele

786 votes

Amani Mitchell

721 votes

CEIT – College of Engineering and Information Technology

Harvey Moody, III

962 votes

Juwan Smith

780 votes

Jon Robert Wedemeier

767 votes

CHHS – College of Health and Human Sciences

Claire Dorrof

987 votes

Austin Peeler

650 votes

Valentine Okonkwo

631 votes

CLASS – College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences

Lindsey Nicole Armstrong

1037 votes

Chance Shelton

926 votes

Yasmeen Carter

672 votes

COBA – College of Business Administration

Keely Lassig

1074 votes

Elija Brown

862 votes

Mike Harris

638 votes

COE – College of Education

No Candidates – Senators will be selected in the Fall for College of Education

COGS – College of Graduate Studies

Christian Nwankwo

1202 votes

Jamira Britt

860 votes

Morgan Smith

741 votes

COPH – College of Public Health

Katherine Nance

999 votes

Shawn Miller

970 votes

Eboney Hall

888 votes

COSM – College of Science and Mathematics

Kelsey Boyd

985 votes

Favour Uwan Ukpongson

633 votes

Hannah Low

601 votes

*Only three senators are elected per college. Open seats will be filled through interviews in the Fall.