Harry Potter on Campus: Finals Feast


Tayler Critchlow

Did you miss your Hogwarts letter all those years ago too? Well, I’ve got you covered on how to make your GSU experience just a little more magical. 
Finals are just around the corner and that means endless hours of studying, for muggles and wizards alike. There are slight differences in finals preparation though.
Wizards get an End of the Year Feast, since they only take finals once a year.
They have an enormous feast with various foods and desserts. People eat and be merry as they celebrate the year that they have completed and finally relax after all the finals they took.
Whereas here at Georgia Southern University, we have events leading up to and during Finals Week.
We have our own Finals Feast, however it is just pancakes late at night, not a grand feast like at Hogwarts. There are also therapy dogs that are sent out to help students. Many of the colleges have events going on to help students make it through the week and give-away scantrons and pencils.
After all finals have been taken, Hogwarts students must remain on campus to celebrate and then to all ride home together on the train. Whereas GSU students are able to leave the minute their last final is over.
Every school has their own methods of dealing with Finals Week and students can determine on their own if their schools methods are satisfactory or not.
Good luck with finals!