We Must Not Look Away

There often comes a point when sensitivity transforms into remorse, often by those who want to do something but time and time again, just don’t. It’s the summit of idleness and the introduction of regret. There is a lot to be remorseful about right now as Americans, a lot to be embarrassed about too.

From idolizing people who epitomize the meaning of the word “shallow” to completely diverting attention from real news when it is “too much to handle,” ignorance would be an understatement. Of course, not everyone is at fault, but these shortcomings in character are far too routine.

There is some heart-wrenching stuff going on and it does not take a global news junkie to be aware of that. One step worse than abandonment is invisibility. Upsetting as this reality can be, while people are waking up and picking up an iced mocha on the way to school, there are places where others are hanging on for life.

A recent statement from the United Nations warned the possibility that a state of famine for over 20 million Africans would result if they can not come up with the funds to prevent it. At the same time, people are celebrating holidays by shoving 30 hot dogs in their mouth in less than a minute for a giggle and a prize. War-torn nations are on the brink of complete destruction and people spend more time criticizing celebrities for intervening since “it’s not their job” instead of seeking out those with more resources to make the biggest difference possible.

Each individual obviously may not have the means to jump in save the world but at the very least, they should resist turning heads when the news feels “uncomfortable.” How ashaming are all the times something terrible on the news inspired one to instantly change the channel; but somehow so normal and accepted? How ashaming is it that hearts have been weakened and torn after hearing about what others are dealing with but those hearts still weren’t moved to share the knowledge?

There may be an excuse for not becoming involved in a movement or not lending a hand. It could be inferiority complex. It could be fear of judgement for caring about a cause that doesn’t sit well with peers. It could be laziness. There is no specific, outlined responsibility humans have to take care of other humans, but what is the purpose of morality and community, if these so-called values only call on humanity’s tenderness when people “feel like giving it?” The only plausible excuse for just plain ignoring everything that doesn’t excite or generate a likeable reaction is selfishness.

Apathy has proven itself as the worst of sins. While individuals may not be able to do much or change much, it is imperative to stop looking away. It is imperative to give others at the least the basic human respect of not ignoring what they are going through. Don’t change the channel. Don’t ignore the sorrow on the other corner of the planet. Humanity in this together.