I Got Drunk and Recounted My College Experience So You Don’t Have To

My name is Jeff Licciardello and I’m slightly a mess. This column was due three days ago, yet here I am, sitting in a booth at Dingus, about to knock back a dead turtle shot.

If you’re a senior, you get it. If you’re not, don’t worry because your time will come.

So as I sit here, sipping on an ~okay~ rum and pineapple, I’ve decided to take this time to look back on my experience. Many faces have come and gone, GPAs have risen (and taken nosedives), and now I have sold my soul to student loans. Before I begin crying into about the unforeseen future, I am going to take this time to thank those who have come in the most clutch these past four years.

  1. Thank you to the Starbucks staff for supporting my caffeine addiction.
  2. Thank you to all of the Student Media alumni who have been my rocks, co-Britney lovers, constructive critics and taught me how to properly happy hour through Statesboro.
  3. Thank you to my current Student Media family for being there for the best of times, the worst of times and for putting up with my woo girl anthems in the office.
  4. Thank you to Gnat’s for having the best porch. Like ever.
  5. Thank you to my professors who not only have mentored me throughout college, but also put up with my BS of not doing well with deadlines.
  6. Thank you to my co-editor/sweet pal Annie who has carried the weight of our Student Media job.
  7. Thank you to Sammi and David, for letting me put myself in timeout, guiding me through life and challenging me to do better.
  8. Thank you to my family who have supported me in all of my crazy aspirations.
  9. Thank you to Georgia Southern, for allowing me to milk every opportunity and teach me what it means to be true blue.
  10. Thank you to Student Media, for making this campus home.

I love you guys. Hail Southern and no place else.