Meg Made It: Recipe for Success

otal Prep Time: Four years


– A large heaping of friends

– A pinch of enemies

– A few failures to mix with plenty of success

– Countless mistakes that create lifelong lessons

– Plenty of persistence

– Twenty tough teachers

– Ten-hour work nights to compliment countless hours of nights out

– Anything else you’ve suffered or partied through


This recipe is actually easier to make than it seems, and the time goes by even faster. Some patches will be difficult to roll out, but in the end, they add a pleasant tartness which compliments the sweetness of the thousands of other ingredients added by the end.

It’s also important to note that this dish comes out different for every person who makes it. Never be discouraged at the end if someone else’s dish looks better than others, because they can only get better.

This is the recipe for success that I have concocted over the past four years:

Step 1: Learn to appreciate every achievement and especially every failure in life, because you will have them, but one cannot exist without the other.

Step 2: Say ‘yes’ to every opportunity you believe is right, because without putting yourself into the world (even if it’s a small student organization that print’s the paper you’re holding in your hands) then you will not go or find yourself anywhere.

Step 3: Nothing good ever happens after midnight. 60 percent of the time its true every time, especially during your Freshman year in college.

Step 4: I came into and will leave Georgia Southern with three words in mind; three words that have been repeated to me ever since I can remember.

Do. Good. Things.

Class of 2017, WE made it!

Much love to the George-Anne and thank you to the people from the past four years. Couldn’t have gotten here without you.