True Blue Experience Music Festival: music, food, and games

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  • Jasmine Minor, the vice president of the UPB administration, is handing out information about the festival.

Tara Bailey

Georgia Southern University’s True Blue Experience Music Festival will take place this Friday at the RAC fields.

The event, which has been sponsored by the Student Government Association (SGA), Greek life, the University Programming Board (UPB) and the Resident Hall Association, is free for students to attend at the RAC fields March 31 from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m.

UPB, which started this event last year, will invite four different artists to perform at the music festival—Raury, CWiLLtooiLL, King M. Dot and Atlas Road Crew.

“We are trying to serve every possible crowd. Every musician is different, very diverse,” Daja Hansel-Coates, the UPB late night committee chair, said.

One of the musicians performing at the music festival will be Christian Williams, also known as CWiLLtooiLL, who is an offensive lineman for the Georgia Southern football team.

In February, UPB held a local band contest where Williams, the first place winner, not only won $300, but also was granted access to perform in this year’s music festival.

“What we try to do is to give students an opportunity to, you know, get their name out there, and it actually turned out pretty good. I think we had like 10 contestants, and they were all perfect, they were all great. [Christian Williams] ended up winning, and I know he was very happy about that,” Jasmine Minor, vice president of the UPB administration, said.

The music festival will have more than just music. It will also have free food from several vendors.

“Some of the vendors are the same from last year, so we’re going to have 4 & 20 bakery. He has vegan options, so that’s kind of different, too. There’s little desserts, and we’re also going to have the Ellis Meat Market like we had last year. We’re not having Bruster’s this time, but we’re going to have some other places, like El Rinconcito. It’s going to be a really good time,” Minor said.

The festival will also have games and other activities for students to participate in.

Lauren Sutton, sophomore child and family development major, said, “I just think it will be fun. People just need to get involved on campus, and so going to things like this is always fun to see what goes on around campus.”