New wireless network to bring quality service to GS

Taisha White

GS Wireless, a combination of three wireless networks, has recently been implemented by Information Technology (IT) Services and is set to benefit the entire GS community.

GS Wireless includes one secured network for students, faculty and staff, an open network for university guests and one network catered to devices like gaming consoles and smart televisions.

Ron Stalnaker, Chief Information Officer, explains the overall purpose of GS Wireless.

“The goal of this and all services provided by IT Services is support the mission of Georgia Southern University by providing high-quality, reliable technology solutions and services for all University community members,” Stalnaker said. “We provide an IT environment that enhances instruction, learning, research, student and alumni services, business operations, economic development and philanthropy.”

IT Services believes that GS Wireless allows students, faculty, staff and visitors to connect to the wireless networks on a variety of devices, which allows maximum efficiency and productivity.

The GS Wireless services are available all across the GS campus including residence halls, the library and most administration and support buildings.

GS Wireless contains three separate wireless networks.


The GSCampus service protects private data from online intruders. The data that is used when GSCampus is in use is made so private information will stay private.


GSGuest is an open network specifically made for campus visitors and guests. The network allows guests to register for access to network while on the GS campus.


GSDevice is designed to allow the connection of devices, such as gaming consoles and smarts TVs, to GS Wireless by completing an online registration.

John Paul, senior writing and linguistics major, is excited that the new services cater to gaming consoles.

“Well I do have two consoles on me and it would be beneficial for me so I can play online easier, ” Paul said. “Even though my schedule is hectic this semester and I have not played on my consoles like I would like to, I think that this service could be beneficial for me.”

According to Information Technology Services, the inspiration behind GS Wireless streams back to giving quality products to all students. Their customer service philosophy focuses on three components: Service, Simplicity and Speed.

Streamlining the wireless networks for the GS community means that they are improving in all three of their components.

The wireless network access first became available to campus in 2001 with the College of Education building being the first Wi-Fi capable building on campus.

Taylor Payne, sophomore criminal justice major, believes that the new software can help the school in the long run.

“I think that it is a great idea to have a new service. I know that sometimes the service here, for me, on campus has been a little bit difficult to connect with,” Payne said. “I think that having that service can benefit us in the long run and if need be, we might need to add more services on campus, just to avoid any issues that we may face with the other services.”

GS Information Technology Service released an email in late January to the GS community regarding GS Wireless. The old wireless networks that have GSU in their names will be discontinued March 8.