Project Clean Up Statesboro: Students take matters into their own hands

Tara Bailey

A group of students, #ProjectCupS, met Sunday to clean up a mile-long amount of trash alongside Burkhalter Road in Statesboro.

#ProjectCupS, which stands for Project Clean Up Statesboro, collected almost 30 bags of trash from 1 p.m. to 2:45 p.m on Sunday. 

The idea for the project started after Ben Brannen, senior finance major, was running one morning and noticed a large amount of trash on the side of Burkhalter road. 

“There is a serious littering issue in Statesboro. It’s everywhere. We really just need to prevent this from happening and raise more awareness about it,” Brannen said. 

After seeing this trash, Brannen broadcasted a Facebook live video, which started a movement for a group of students to meet up once or twice a month to clean up various areas in Statesboro. 

“Everyone needs to take care of this town. This is where we live, and we are treating it like a trash can,” Brannen said. 

Because of Spring Break, the group hopes to meet up again to pick up more trash in Statesboro on Sunday, March 25. 

#ProjectCupS asks that if anyone knows a specific place in Statesboro that needs to be cleaned, to message them through the group’s Facebook or Twitter page.