More Than Just a Game

Donald Coe

For some people, before college, sports were a way to get out and compete, whether it be on the high school team or a recreational team. When they arrive at college, only a select few will be able to make it on the main sports teams, so there is something separate for these people looking to unleash their fiery spirit.

“I was always looking forward to playing baseball and football every year in high school, so when I had to leave that I wasn’t sure if I would be able to find an activity to take that place, but intramural has been able to fill that void,” freshman nursing major Brandon Miller said.

Georgia Southern intramural is filled with intense games and competitive action for every sport that’s offered. Playing flag football turned from going out there just to have fun and play with some friends, to planning that week for the next game.

Between the head to head rivalries in the basketball courts at the RAC, or the sorority girls filling up the flag football bleachers every night to watch their favorite fraternity play, intramural games bring back that excitement of playing for everyone involved.

Not only are these games a passion for the players and fans involved, they are also a sense of exhilaration for the referees as well. For anyone questioning whether or not to give intramural a try, the experience is well worth the time put in.