Voting for Local Student Band ends Friday

Kirsten Floyd

Voting for the local student band in the True Blue Experience ends Friday through MyInvolvement. The True Blue Experience is branded as Georgia Southern’s only music festival, which helps local bands benefit by showcasing their talents to the public.

“We wanted to have students be involved in the selection of the performances at True Blue Experience, so we set out local band contest,” Juan Bernal, vice president of UPB membership, said.

Students are able to vote on one of the ten bands that have entered. Charabele Louis-Jacques, UPB spirit & traditions chair said that students are able to view a short video of each band on the voting ballot through MyInvolvement. First prize will receive $300 and will be the opening act of the True Blue Experience, second prize will receive $200 and third prize will receive $100, respectively.

In total, the festival will include four different bands, which have yet to be announced. All will be local bands, including the chosen student band. The festival will take place March 31 and is planned to include multiple activities from student organizations and plenty of free food. More information will be released at a later date.