New Statesboro PD website caters to GS community

Taisha White

After almost 10 years of the old website, the Statesboro Police Department has given the site an upgrade, complete with new features, including a way for those in the community to be even safer.

On Jan. 1, 2017, the Statesboro PD unveiled the newly renovated site. Within this site lies greater access to the Statesboro PD. The website also caters to GS by providing greater access to those involved in crime-related issues close to campus.

Sgt. Jake Saxon, officer of professional standards, explains the overall goal for the website creating a greater connection to the GS community.

“The new website gives GS students access to more information about crime and incidents that have occurred, as well as resources offered by the Statesboro Police Department,” Saxon said. “With this, students can make more informed decisions and actions to ensure their safety.”

Chelsea Killiam, sophomore accounting major, thinks the new website can bring a closer bond between GS and the Statesboro PD.

“Usually when I get notifications about a crime related issue, it usually comes from the Dean. So I think that this would be a good way to get more students connected with the Statesboro Police Department,” Killiam said. “I think this can help students become more trustworthy of them as well. It looks like it definitely can benefit everyone, not just Georgia Southern.”

What’s Inside

The new amenities include online reporting, which will now allow those who have become victims of a robbery the ability to use the Report It link.

It allows those victims to show the police pictures of serial numbers, receipts and merchandise that has gone missing. This allows the police to have faster access to what has been lost and recover it in a faster rate.

What also has been added is an integrated crime map with adjustable filters that allows people to see what incidents have occurred, up to six months prior. People can also obtain accident reports without actually having to go to the police department to pick them up and cases will be updated daily.

The site itself took over six months to create and was created it to keep up with modern day usage of technology, Saxon said.

Bernard Freitag, freshman business management major, feels that the website could become more useful as a backup plan.

“I think that the first thing that would come to mind when it came to the police in the moment of a crime would be to call. I think, on the other hand, having that back up plan with the website could be beneficial to students in the long run,” Freitag said. “I haven’t been here that long, but I have heard of a few incidents that have occurred in the past so I think that this is a good way for students to get more access to the police.”