Local law enforcement guarantees better safety precautions

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Taisha White and Alana Tinsley

Both Georgia Southern and Statesboro Police Departments have recently ensured concerned community residents and students about their crime concerns after the increase in shooting related incidents last year.

Georgia Southern PD

The Georgia Southern Police Department (GSPD) has had its fair share of ups and downs when it comes to trying to decrease the crime rate at off campus housing. GSPD has consistently dealt with the continuance of crime related incidents over the past few years.

Most recently, there has been controversy from the GSPD and the slow coming of Eagle Alerts. Although those Eagle Alerts have caused issues, the GSPD is ensuring to the GS community that they are here to protect the community and would like the community to do the same by using the proper steps when involved in a crime related incident.

Chief Laura McCullough of the GSPD speaks on how the GS community can help the department when crime comes their way.

“[It] depends what their level of interaction is. If it’s just something where they’re witnessing it, one of the things we try to encourage students is to be a good citizen and help us be apart of the solution,” McCullough said. “It helps if we have citizens that are willing to do the right thing. If you see something that doesn’t look right or you know is not right, let us know. “

The GSPD also encourages students to use the LiveSafe app, which alerts the police department in times of trouble.

Incident updates

In most cases, off-campus housing have tried their best to ensure greater safety for their residents. From a greater expansion on security to higher quality cameras and greater communication among both the Statesboro and GSPD and the Bulloch County Sheriff.

111 South, located off of South Main Street, has upgraded its security to ensure less incidents.

“[There’s] 24 hour security and a courtesy officer throughout the day and two patrolling officers at night,” Paige Moore, 111 South leasing consultant, said.

One resident at 111 South feel as if 111 has made good improvements to the complex’s safety.

“They have started towing vehicles of those who do not have a parking pass, which could be a potential suspect, as well as hired a nighttime security guard to help us feel safe and protected,” Myriah Tremble, sophomore ultrasound technician major, said.

She feels that the improvements have made a difference since nothing has happened at the apartment complex since these changes have been implemented.

Campus Crossings located off of Lanier Drive has also upped their security. They now have 24/7 courtesy officers as well as the addition of brighter and more building lights to help illuminate the complex during dark hours.

Statesboro PD quotes

Although most off-campus crime related issues require the GSPD to be in attendance, the Statesboro PD is also needed there as well to make sure that the incidents are well taken care of as and the area is as calm and together as possible.

Sergeant Jake Saxon, of the Office of Professional Standards at the Statesboro PD, assures to the GS community as well as the Statesboro community that they are working to decrease the crime rate in the area and increase safety amongst off campus housing.

“We communicate with many of the managers and address problems in the complexes,” Saxon said. “We have met with most of the apartment managers and demonstrated features of our new website that are tailored to assist both the managers and the residents.”

Saxon also states that the SPD works with the GSPD by continuously sharing the proper resources and information so both departments can guarantee the safety of the community and improve their department as well.