University Wellness Program hosts Health Hut at the Engineering Building

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  • Courtesy of the University Wellness Program

Tara Bailey

The University Wellness Program’s Health Hut returns to Georgia Southern University this Wednesday at the Engineering Building from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.

The Health Hut, which has been a part of campus since last spring, will have games to play and information to hand out to educate students about various health-related topics.

“Our Health Hut topics range from discussing resume tips with students to how to improve your sexual health,” Rebecca King, creator of the Health Hut, said. “So far we have already had a Health Hut that focuses on healthy relationships, creating strong workout plans and even on how to improve our relationship with Earth.”

The Health Hut will be moving around to different locations around campus. At each location, a new health related topic will be covered.

At each Health Hut location, there will be wellness ambassadors who have been trained to appropriately discuss these health-related topics with students.

“The University Wellness Program wants students to know that being well is not limited to eating healthy and exercising on a regular basis. While eating healthy and exercising are ways to improve your well-being, it is so much more,” Michelle Martin, the University Wellness Program director, said. “The Health Hut provides an opportunity to educate students on all seven dimensions of wellness in addition to serving as a way to meet students where they are.”

For more information about the University Wellness Program’s future events or the wellness ambassadors, check out the program’s website.