GSO receives hundreds of dollars for graduate students

Alana Tinsley

Graduate students at Georgia Southern University were awarded hundreds of dollars at the beginning of this school year for research, among other things, courtesy of the Graduate Student Organization (GSO).

“We received $59,186 this year and budgeted $45,000 for grants,” Thresa Yancey, faculty advisor of GSO, said.

GSO also funds a few other things like the Conference Liaison Program, the Averitt Awards and trophies and social events for graduate students. The Conference Liaison Program attempts to “fuel change” in the Georgia Southern and Statesboro community through new initiatives, collaborations and team work, according to the GS website.

“Our funding comes from student fees, just like other student organizations. We apply for the funds each year,” Yancey said.

The GSO seeks to support scholarly activities and professional development, as well as promote social opportunities for graduate students. GSO’s goal is committed to representing and supporting the interests of all current and prospective graduate students at GS.

GSO council

The GSO council is responsible for the awarding of research and travel grants. The council is also in charge of putting together social events and professional developmental opportunities for graduate students. The graduate student body represented by all colleges on the GS’ campus, makes up the GSO council.

“Every graduate student is a member of GSO and is able to apply for the Graduate Student Professional Development Fund Grant,” Kimberly Iannacone, treasurer of GSO, said.

In Fall of 2016, GSO funded nine research grants and 23 travel grants totaling $20,567.23.

“The GSO gets its funding from student activity fees, just like any other organization,” Iannacone said.

Melissa Stack, graduate student in the School of Health and Kinesiology, was recently awarded a grant in the amount of $844.06 by the Graduate Student Professional Development fund (GSPDF) for athletic performance research.

The GSPDF is a competitive funding opportunity that helps support graduate students financially, with travel to program-related events and with thesis/dissertation-related research, during the graduate student’s enrollment at GS.

According to the GSO website, Stack’s grant will be used for research to increase the understanding of carnitine and its role inside the body. It will also be used to determine whether or not supplementation plays a role in enhancing athletic performance.

Stack applied for her grant during the Fall of 2016. Her grant was then awarded by GSPDF because of her merit and her submitted essay regarding how this grant money will help further studying in her discipline and field.

According to Stack from a GS press release, she is honored to have been selected as the recipient of the award.

Stack said, “I am grateful for the opportunities it will provide me. Thank you, Georgia Southern, for making this funding available to graduate students.”