I Wore My Trump Hat to the Women’s March in D.C.

Time and time again after the election I have seen videos of protesters targeting and attacking any unsuspecting citizen wearing that infamous “Make America Great Again” hat. Usually I find enjoyment when watching testosterone-fueled beat downs.

But while watching these targeted attacks, I couldn’t help but get a strong sense of hypocrisy from the left- the same left that spent months spreading their slogan, “love trumps hate.”

The left should’ve clarified that “love” meant looting, rioting, burning and undervaluing anyone’s opinion that slightly deviates from the progressive left’s agenda.

I can only imagine how much joy Trump supporters have when watching this political pity party on live television- “liberal tears” is what they’re calling it. But I refuse to turn politics into college football, where voters vote based on the label “R” or “D,” then celebrate accordingly when their “team” wins whilst mocking the losers.

Why can’t we start voting based on candidates’ morals and policies?

So I set off on a mission hoping to get a vision of just how polarized this country truly is. I drove up to Washington D.C. along with some of my friends for both the inauguration and Women’s march.

I wanted to try a social experiment of sorts. So I wore one of those infamous “Make America Great Again” hats then proceeded to mingle with protestors and concerned citizens alike.

With the Trump attack videos fresh on my mind, I was slightly fearful when I first started flirting with the crowd. Surprisingly, I was confronted with curious conversation and meaningful exchanges (albeit I did get flashed twice).

Every conversation seemed to start with the question, “how could you vote for Trump?” I simply explained how I did not vote for Trump nor Hillary- I simply like the catchy slogan.

“Oh,” they would say, standing there puzzled. I then countered with “how could you vote for Hillary?” The overwhelming response was, “lesser of two evils.”

If you look at the poll numbers, it only makes sense both Trump and Hillary supporters voted on the notion that while both of them were some of the most unpopular presidential candidates in our country’s history, one was slightly better than the other.

As I left D.C. to come back home I couldn’t help but ponder, why are we fighting each other instead of the political process that feeds us these corrupt and egotistical candidates?