Hair Crush: GS’ Pioneers in the Natural Hair Movement

Chelsea Davis

The natural hair movement started from a sense of frustration. Females were simply tired of chemically treating their hair and wearing extensions. It got to a point where people no longer wanted to damage their hair just to fit one’s perception of beauty and instead, experimented with natural hair products.

“The natural hair movement sparked because it was all about acceptance, growth, learning and in a way it helped to pull you out of your shell and become more comfortable and confident about yourself and your hair,” Lauren Austin, sophomore journalism major said.

The birth of a new student organization

Back in 2014, GS graphic design senior Mariah Smith started a new organization, called Hair Crush, due to the large amount of female students going natural. She saw a vision and now this organization is standing two years strong.

Although the organization is still fairly new, the current president Breanna Kimbro is on top of things, and is doing everything to help Hair Crush grow.

“Being president is a tough job at times, but it is all worth is when I see the looks on these girl’s faces when they talk about their hair or to see how comfortable they are with each other,“ Breanna Kimbro, senior sociology major said.

In the past, Hair Crush has had forums on DIY conditioners, effective heat protectants, basic protective styling, and learning how to determine certain hair texture.

What it’s all about

Hair Crush is an organization that simply promotes growth above everything else. Their main focus is hair, but they also touch on the importance of full-body health and self-confidence.

“Different combinations of hair texture could affect how you should style your hair and what products to use. You can figure out your hair texture by looking at a hair code chart. Hair textures can start as straight as 1A all the way to a coarser texture like 4c. Each number and letter represents the texture of your hair, the higher the number the coarser your hair is,” Kimbro said.

This organization works hard to spread the word about the natural hair movement. It helps them attract others who want to be completely in love with their natural hair. Along with promoting the healthiness of natural hair, Hair Crush will be having their annual hair show this upcoming March.

Back in 2015, Hair Crush had their first sold out hair show. This year, their hair show will be focused on the versatility of natural hair, along with a few surprise performances. Some special guest hosts are expected as well. This show is expected to be another great turn out.

“I’m really looking forward to the hair show. Hair Crush is filled with all types of fun personalities. Everything’s coming together nicely. I’ve noticed so many improvements and I honestly can’t wait for the show and for people to see what we are really about,” Darian Johnson, freshman pre-nursing major said.

If interested in joining, the club meets on Wednesdays and Thursdays at 6:30 p.m. in the union. Be on the lookout for their hair show coming March 2.