UPDATE: Alcohol Ordinance Knocked Down to Three Years

A motion to decrease the alcohol ordinance time frame for Statesboro restaurants and bars from five years to three years was in order Tuesday, Feb 7.

The talk came into play when six businesses were suspended for violating the ordinance during their meeting Jan 3. With the city council previously choosing to make the time frame five years, this would put businesses in the position to be punished for violations made in 2012.

Once a violation transpires, the business must go before the court and explain their case. In many cases, being suspended is a consequence.

Recommendations to knock the ordinance down to six months were made, but the city council thought this time frame recommendation was too short. After a few complaints from fellow business owners saying the ordinance was too long and a few discussions amongst city council members, the council decided to knock the ordinance time frame down to three years.

The new alcohol ordinance time frame is scheduled to go into effect this week.