Getting to Know the Men’s Tennis Team

Ryan Redding

They don’t go hunting or fishing, and they don’t drive trucks. They don’t go to cookout or even say “y’all.” At first glance, the men’s tennis team would not seem to have much to chat about with a majority of students on Georgia Southern University’s campus. But there is much more than meets the eye for these four men who have completely turned an organization around.

Christian Kerrigan, a senior and co-captain for the team, was born in London, England. He’s done enough in his life to have the makings of a very interesting autobiography. The list of adventures that he could just recall for this interview include going skydiving over the Great Barrier Reef, going on a cricket tour to South Africa and swimming with dolphins in Australia. Kerrigan has traveled all on his own up the East Coast, played national badminton and came in second in national hurdles in Great Britain. All in all, he has traveled to 26 different countries and has worked for Fox Australia and ESPN.

Senior Dani Casablancas grew up in Sant Pere de Ribes, Spain, and is a co-captain for the tennis team. Although he grew up in Spain, he was born in Japan and has visited almost every continent. He has taken many road trips with his friends around Europe, and he has jumped out of a plane in South Carolina.

Artemie Amari is a junior who was born in New York, New York. He came from a military school and has been to the Netherlands. During his trip to the Netherlands, he and his friends decided to go to Amsterdam and enjoy the nightlife.

Eddie Landin, another junior born in Los Cabos, Mexico, once went to Niagara Falls during the winter. On this trip, it was 0 degrees Fahrenheit, and like us Georgians who do not do well with cold weather, he just wanted to be inside. But when he got back to the house he was staying at, the lock had frozen and he could not get in. So, he had to go across the street to a bank just to stay warm.

The Tennis team is also very enthusiastic about supporting local businesses. They frequently visit The Rusty Tavern, but upon remembering they were saying this for a George-Anne article, Kerrigan added, “If you walk into Tav and see four people in the back just drinking water, then you found the Tennis team.”

These men have produced the best season for Georgia Southern Tennis in almost 30 years, and according to Kerrigan, they “are looking even better this year.” They look forward to seeing you at their next home match.