Great Minds Lecture Series coming soon

Natalie Turman

The College of Liberal Arts and Social Science will once again host the Great Minds Lecture Series.

This year’s lecture series will run from Jan 31 to April 19 in the Russell Union room 2047 at 5:30 p.m.. All lectures will be using or will be related to documents from the Remnant Trust Exhibit in the library.

The first lecture will be “Wanton Wenches and Nasty Women: Vindicating Women’s Rights from 1792 to 2016,” given by Anastatia Sims, from the Department of History, on Jan 31. The lecture will be discussing “A Vindication of the Rights of Women” by Mary Wollstonecraft and “Address to the Legislature of New-York, Adopted by the State Woman’s Rights Convention” by Elizabeth Cady Stanton.

The other lectures are “Why is the Bible a Text?” by Dan Pioske on March 2, “Plantation Dreams: Locke, Confucius and the Making of the Low Country” by Robert Batchelor on March 7, “Tocqueville and American Liberty” by Johnathan O’Neill on April 5 and “Jonathan Edwards, Andrew Fuller, and the Recasting of Calvinism in Fuller’s The Gospel Worthy of All Acceptation (1785)” by Tim Whelan on April 19.

The lectures from last year are also available to watch on the Great Minds archives page.