National Save the Eagles Day


 Emily Kane, assistant biology professor, Ph.D., holds a guppy kit that will be used to teach grade school students about evolution. 

Kristy Daniels

Today is national Save the Eagles Day! This national holiday is celebrated annually on January 10th, and it is the day to honor our national symbol known by every American.

Coincidently, our university’s mascot is an eagle, so this holiday fits perfectly for proud Georgia Southern students. In light of national Save the Eagles Day, below are some cool fun fast facts about our big birds that you probably weren’t aware of.

If you wish to obtain more information, please contact the Center for Wildlife Education.

  • The bald eagle is America’s national symbol and was chosen in 1782 due to its majestic strength, lengthy lifespan, and charismatic looks.
  • Female eagles are about 30% bigger than male eagles! Male eagles hold more responsibility for hunting, thus require more flying and their bodies are far more sleek and lighter.
  • There are over 60 different species of eagles. The most common species are: Bald Eagles, Golden Eagles, and White-tailed Eagles.
  • Many eagles lay two eggs. However, the larger, older chick will usually kill its younger sibling and the adults do not interfere.


photos courtesy of Georgia Southern