Letter To The Editor – Response To: “What Trump and Obama’s Meeting Suggests About Trump’s Presidency”

Jana Renz

I appreciated Aleyna Rentz’ thoughtful article concerning the differences between President Elect Trump’s campaign rhetoric and his current call for “America to ‘bind the wounds of division.’”

Yes, the campaign season was a time of painful “mud-slinging” from both campaigns and there was a great sense of relief when it was all over.

Ms. Rentz ends her article, “It will, however, at least help our country heal, and if Trump actually wants this healing to begin, he needs to understand that sometimes words are louder than actions. Let’s hope he chooses the right ones.”

We must recognize that no matter which candidate took office, 50 percent of the population would be disappointed. Our nation has deteriorated to a place of terrible division.

Race relations are the worst they have been in decades and I am disappointed this did not improve under Obama’s leadership. We will never have true ethnic or gender equality until we become a “color blind” society. 

Each person should be evaluated and considered according to his own merits, strengths and abilities. Ben Carson, a personal hero of mine, became a world renowned brain surgeon not because of his race or color, but through sheer will and tenacity.

Whenever race, gender or nationality is part of the evaluation, this immediately creates division, discrimination and animosity. This must end in a nation where “All men are created equal.”

The question I propose is this – What kinds of words will the media, and we as Americans and university students choose?

Will they be words of healing or words to continue the hatred and division between various factions and political ideologies? It is time for us to lay aside our differences, recognizing each other for our strengths and uniqueness as individuals. 

As a person of faith, I pray for Obama and his family regularly. He has had a tough job and needed our support.

President-elect Trump will need our support as well. Angry words and protests serve no purpose other than to hurt ourselves, our neighbors, and bring more division between Americans. 

As university students, we are the hope for the future of this nation. We have the power to make a better America. So what words will you choose?