SGA senator creates petition for a GSM Resource Center

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Danyelle Gaines

A senator of the Student Government Association (SGA) at Georgia Southern University started a petition for the campus to create a Gender and Sexual Minority (GSM) Resource Center.

Last year, SGA senator KeShawn Harris created a bill to conduct research at GS to see if a GSM Resource Center would be beneficial to campus.

This year, Nicole Peavy, SGA senator, is constructing another bill in order to find a location and open the center on campus. If the SGA Senate passes the bill, GS President Jaimie Hebert will make the final decision on if campus will have a GSM Resource Center.

Peavy’s bill includes having people sign a petition advocating for the need of the center on campus. Letters from those who support of the center are also necessary to support the bill.

The vision behind the GSM Resource Center is for people in the community to have a safe place. A small library with books by and about people in the GSM community would also be provided.

“We hope to have small groups such as QPOC, TransTalk and Ladies Night, along with plenty more to celebrate the intersectionality of the people in the GSM community and give them a place to meet people who are like them,” Peavy said in an email.

To read or sign Peavy’s petition, click here.