Eagles trail at half, 21-13

Hayden Boudreaux


Georgia Southern- 13

UL-Lafayette- 21

1st Quarter-

GASO: Shuman took the reins for the offense and led them down the field to set up a 39-yard field goal. 3-0, 10:44

ULL: The Ragin Cajuns worked their way to the middle of the field but were forced to punt the ball away.

GASO: After picking up a quick first down, the Eagles were forced to punt.

ULL: The Cajuns worked their way down the field and were able to put in a 1-yard dive for the first touchdown of the game.  7-3, 3:15

GASO: Three and out.

ULL: Two penalties helped the Cajun offense get down inside the red zone but a fumble gave the ball back to the Eagles.

2nd Quarter-

GASO: Shuman hooked up with Johnson for a 53-yard completion to put the Eagles in ULL territory. The drive would stall at the ten-yard line to set up another field goal from Koo. 7-6, 10:48.

ULL: After working down the field using the quarterback run game, the Cajuns ran in a 16-yard score to extend the lead. 14-6, 6:09.

GASO: Big pass plays worked the Eagle offense down the field and into the red zone again. This set up a short touchdown pass to Myles Campbell. 14-13, 1:18.

ULL: With only one minute remaining on the clock, the ULL offense took to the air and set up a short 10-yard QB scramble into the end zone. 21-13, :06.