She Kills Monsters opens in the CAT Wednesday

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Tara Bailey

The Georgia Southern Theatre and Performance Program presents She Kills Monsters at the Center for Art and Theatre on Wednesday.

Playwright Qui Nguyen tells the story of a young woman, Agnes, whom after finding her sister’s “module,” enters her sister’s fantasy world to learn more about the sister that she lost in a car crash.

“Behind all of the flashy effects and choreography in this play is a very touching story about loss and regret that never fails to move me no matter how many times I see it. I hope they find it as haunting as I do,”  Nicholas Newell, Director, said.

Kelsey Poole, who plays the character Agnes, explains that this show will feature many fighting scenes, along with some dancing scenes.

“We started with a boot camp with working out and then with practicing with specific weapons,” Kelsey Poole, senior multimedia major, said.

The show is about more than just a fantasy world or role play, it is about finding closure after losing someone.

Sade Thomas, who plays Agnes’ sister, Tilly, hopes viewers will leave with a message about acceptance after seeing the show.

“One thing to take from this is acceptance, and when you have the time, make the most of it,” Sade Thomas, a senior psychology major, said.

The show opens Wednesday, Nov. 9 at 7:30 p.m. and will continue until to Nov. 17 at the Center for Art and Theatre (CAT). Student tickets are $6, faculty, staff and community tickets are $12. To make a reservation, call the box office at 912-478-5378.