Destination Oxford: Your football fan getaway

Thomas Barszcz

The Georgia Southern Eagles will be playing against the Ole Miss Rebels in their hometown of Oxford, Mississippi this Saturday, November 5.

If you plan on making the eight-hour trek to support the Eagles in Oxford, you might want to know about interesting places to see and visit in the city while you are there. From sights to restaurants to shops and clubs, here is a quick guide to different places you might want to visit while in Oxford.


When you first get to Oxford after that long car ride, you are going to want to stretch your legs. The best way to do that is to take a walk around Ole Miss campus. Much like Statesboro, Oxford circumferences the college campus, which makes it easy to walk around and still be within walking distance of something new.

From the campus, you are going to want to make your way to Ole Miss’ famous 10-acre tailgating area known as “The Grove.” 2014 Ole Miss alumnus Alex LoMauro states “The Grove” is quite a spectacle on the night before each home game. That is when the die-hard tailgaters set up all of their tents and campers with lights and signs.

After checking out “The Grove”, you can take a trip down Greek Row and appreciate the architecture of all the old southern-style built mansions where the Fraternities and Sororities reside.

The Oxford Square

Just about a mile away from campus is The Oxford Square, the town’s main attraction outside of the campus.

“The Oxford Square is the spot to be. It’s where all the action is with restaurants, bars and shops,” LoMauro said.

It is an area in the city which gives the feeling of being in a small town, except it is filled with lots of different things to experience. There, one can find bars and restaurants and outlets to go shopping. Such outlets include Hinton & Hinton, Nielson’s, Landry’s, Miss Behavin and Pink and Proper.


After walking around Ole Miss’ campus and making your way to the square, you are probably going to want something to eat. Luckily, Oxford has many unique restaurants right near campus.

One Oxford-famous restaurant that is located in the square is a classic diner named Ajax. The restaurant, known for its famous sandwich called “The big easy”, has country fried steak, mashed potatoes, lima beans, homemade coleslaw and gravy on it.

If you’re looking for lunch, you could go to Proud Larry’s for burgers, Soulshine for pizza, or South Depot for Mexican food.

If all those options do not sound satisfying, and you want something unique to the area, look into visiting Taylor Grocery. Taylor Grocery is the number one recommendation from Ole Miss alum Alex LoMauro.

It is an old-fashioned Southern-style restaurant located about 15 minutes away from Oxford in Taylor, MS. The grocery store is famous for its fried or grilled catfish and southern sides and deserts.

“[Taylor Grocery] is a must. Wait time can be up to two hours sometimes but it’s 100 percent worth it,” LoMauro said.


After all the walking around, sightseeing, shopping and eating, you might be wanting to fine something exciting to do. Oxford has many different types of bars and clubs varying in style of entertainments.

Funkys, which is famous for its New Orleans-style atmosphere and its oldies music nights. Another very popular bar in Oxford is The Library. The bar is known to be the biggest bar in town that always has people partying in it.

For those of you looking for a club-like atmosphere, there are spots in Oxford that allow people under the age of 21. Two popular spots are The Corner and The Levee. They have dance floors and DJs.

Overall, Oxford is a beautiful city with a lot of different things to do. Just because Ole Miss is one of our football competitors, there is no reason one cannot appreciate the culture and social life its home has to offer.

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