Georgia Southern’s first anime project moves forward

Thomas Barszcz

At the beginning of this year, two Georgia Southern students gave life to an idea they had in high school. That idea was to create an original concept for an anime cartoon and make it a reality.

By dedicating themselves and networking, sophomore business management major Jordan Walker and freshman information technology major Alex Knapp have collaborated with two clubs on campus to establish a team of around 30 creative minds to help complete GS’ first-ever student produced anime series.

The series, titled “Doppelganger” contains many elements of an anime including fantasy, drama, action and comedy and its season one premiere is expected to be available for the public around August of next year.

As of now, Walker and Knapp, along with their assistant director, sophomore biology major Lieu Nguyen, have organized their impressive crew into a network of artistic collaboration where designers and artists of all kinds are able to communicate and share their ideas for different aspects of the series.

“Communication is such a big key in this project,” Nguyen said.

During the project, those participating in it choose one or more of several different groups, such as voice acting, art, writing, design, and so on. Each of these groups has a group leader who collects the ideas and designs form their group and sends them to Walker and Knapp for approval.

“It’s amazing to see that people of different artistic backgrounds come together to be able to learn and work together,” Nguyen said.

One member of the project is senior studio arts major Kala Akins, who has participated in multiple aspects of the project such as artwork and script writing.

“Everyone has their own ideas, and we all come together to make one big idea,” Akins said.

The project team currently has concepts for main character designs as well scripts for a couple episodes of season one established and is getting ready to record voice actors for the characters.

Although their project is well underway and they have created a large multi-talented crew, Walker and Knapp are still encouraging any and all animators or artists to join the project.

Walker, Knapp and Nguyen have created multiple outlets for anyone interested to get in contact with them in order to join. They have a Facebook page titled “Doppelganger” which is run by Nguyen who provides any information for fans or those looking to get involved.

Walker and Jordan are currently in the process of establishing a club at GS solely for the intention to allow interested students to listen to the details of their project and how to get involved.

If you are interested in participating in this project, contact Walker for details via Otherwise, just keep an ear out for updates about the completion of “Doppelganger”.