The Student Lounge opens in the Plaza

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  • Photo taken by Danyelle Gaines

Danyelle Gaines

The Student Lounge is a non-alcoholic venue for patrons 18 and up, and is located in the previous building of Rude Rudy’s on University Plaza on Georgia Avenue.

The Student Lounge is a spacious property with an outside patio, stage and a gaming area which will eventually serve food.

After Michael’s Law went into effect, Willie Walker, owner of the Student Lounge, saw the opportunity to open a hangout spot for people who were not yet of drinking age.

“The good thing about having a good time and not being drunk is that you might actually remember the good times,” Walker said.

According to Walker, the Student Lounge is a multipurpose venue for the community, and could potentially hold concerts, outdoor events, open mic nights, comedy events, health screenings and breast cancer awareness workshops.

During the week, the Student Lounge will be open from 5-10 p.m. on Monday through Thursday. On the weekends, the venue will be available for rent as a party location.

Though the Student Lounge has already hosted some parties, the official grand opening will be held in November.