GS’ Business Innovation Group opens new facility

Taisha White

Georgia Southern University’s Business Innovation Group (BIG) opened its doors to their brand new Fab Lab and Innovation Incubator last Friday at the GS City Campus.

Suzanne Hallman, business advisor for BIG, explains the overall goal for the FabLab and Innovation Incubator.

“It’s really taking an idea and turning them into reality and our hope is that these ideas will turn into real businesses and products that will be made here in Statesboro,” Hallman said. “It will help to build the economic development in our area and bringing more businesses here is a good thing for everybody.”

Fab Lab

The Digital Fabrication Laboratory, also known as the Fab Lab, is a creative service where students, as well as faculty, staff and Statesboro natives, can create and construct their own products through the Business Innovation Group. Inside the Fab Lab are high tech machines including 2-D and 3-D printers table saws used to give anyone full advantage and control on how they want their products to look.

Innovation Incubator

The Innovation Incubator is the developmental side of the building. Besides being able to utilize cutting edge technology to build prototypes, the Innovation Incubator offers rental office spaces that anyone can use as starting spot for their business.

The incubator also offers guidance and business advisement from the Business Innovation Group to help develop and devise a business plan. Guidance will include access to mentors who can help with anything from marketing to financial concerns as well as workshop and classes created to teach on the steps in creating a successful business.

Dominique Halaby, director of BIG, explains the process on what it takes to get a business started at the Fab Lab and Innovation Incubator.

“It’s ultimately going to depend on what their specific characteristics are, as far as what options will be made available to them. That’s why it’s important that we have a singular location that allows us to funnel those processes out,” Halaby said. “For example for a student with a business idea, there are plenty of mentors, training and necessary resources that we can give you so you can ultimately start your business.”

Students are excited about the new building and the benefits they can potentially bring to others.

Justin L. Williams, graduate student in public administration, believes the Fab Lab and Innovation Incubator is a great tool for those looking to potentially create a business.

“I have a few ideas that I would like to push in the future, but as of right now, I know quite a few students who are entrepreneurial and I think that this is a great resource for them,” Williams said. “Not just for me, it’s a great thing for everyone in the community.”

Mary-Gloria Iwunwa, freshman political science major, thinks that the Fab Lab and Innovation Incubator is a great opportunity for those to reach their full potential in the business world.

“If you have an opportunity to rent out spaces and get advice on how to start a business, you should give it a shot. You have people who you can look up to for guidance and that is a really good thing,” Iwunwa said.

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