SGA launches Vision 20/20 program to address campus concerns

Erin McGuiness

The Student Government Association (SGA) launched Vision 20/20 last week, a statewide program intended to gather concerns of college students via survey in order to create a best practices guide for all of the collegiate SGA’s in the state of Georgia.

As a part of the SGA’s incentive program, Vision 20/20 was set in place to build a larger community for SGA to engage with students, according to Dylan John, SGA president.

“We’re gathering data and information from students and putting together a document that will serve as a best practices guide that will cater to each campus across the State. That way, when situations or certain circumstances arise in that category, they will know how to best handle it on their campus with their students,” Anu Morton, SGA CLASS senator, said.

The program aims to address areas where students have concerns, including sexual assault, campus safety and college affordability. Morton said that students are participating due to the fact that it is allowing their voices to be heard.

“It sounds awesome and a great way to get actually student opinions on issues,” Emilie Jones, sophomore marketing major, said. “Leaders are looking down on issues and don’t actually know what’s going on, but students do.”

The SGA Vision 20/20 survey is available via email to students in the SGA Incentive Program, a program that encourages student involvement with SGA. Click here to register for the program.