Intramural sports registration deadlines approaching

Chyna James

Registration for several intramural sports at the Recreational Activity Center (RAC) ends soon.

The intramural sports at the RAC give faculty, staff and students the opportunity to play both individual and team sports activities through Campus Recreation and Intramurals (CRI).

“[Intramural sports gives] everybody equal opportunity to participate in recreation in kind of an organized event,’’ Landen Cammack, intramural sports program assistant, said, “it’s a source of fun for many people and for almost all of our sports we have a competitive and recreational league.”

The recreational league, which many people opt for, is for those who just want to have fun with the sport, and the competitive league is for those who want a higher level of play.

The competitive leagues have the opportunity to go to state tournaments, and if they win, will possibly get a chance to compete nationally.

Ricky Zanders, public relations senior, has played intramural soccer, flag football and softball. Flag football has been the most popular intramural sport with 1,700 participants last fall.

“I played lacrosse all of high school, so I’m really into sports, and when I came here, I said I might as well pick up another sport and try something else,” Zanders said, “my teammates were cool, it was a competitive environment, it was good workout and kept me active.”

Online registration has opened for several sports including flag football, which closes on Sept. 13. The next upcoming deadline is on Sept. 20 for tennis singles and fall field day( kickball and cornhole)

To view a list of sports offered and the registration deadlines, visit the RAC’s Intramural sports webpage.