Beautifying the GS campus botanical Gardens

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George Andersen

The Botanic Garden at Georgia Southern University is undergoing multiple renovations intended to improve the efficiency, security and overall beauty of the garden this year.

The renovations will change how the 11.5 acres of gardens are presented and operated. Some of the renovations include a new sustainable parking system, a new entrance and a series of new trails.

A new learning garden is being built, which is designed to be a place where people can learn to grow plants and vegetables in a relaxed environment. There will be a children’s learning garden that will meet once a week.

Students built a new wall for the Botanic Garden that will act as a sound barrier, shielding the gardens from noise pollution due to the surrounding traffic.

“It’s really students who keep the garden beautiful,” Carolyn Altman, director of the Botanic Garden, said.

The Botanic Garden is also adding three new gardens, including a garden for artwork showcases and performances, a labyrinth and a garden where people can gather.

“[The gardens are] much more efficient and secure now,” Altman said.

With many noticeable changes already in place, most of the renovations are expected to be complete by March of 2017.