LiveSafe app currently active on Georgia Southern campus

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Chris Carter

The new public safety app, LiveSafe, has been brought to Georgia Southern University by the campus public safety department. Used on several other campuses, the app is used to improve communication between its users and Public Safety.

The development of the app was a collaborative effort between many departments, including Public Safety, the Dean of Students’ office, the Counseling Center, University Housing, Information Technology Services and the LiveSafe company. The app went live on Aug. 10 at 5:30 p.m.

Once you have joined the app, there are four main features:

1. Report Tips

If you see something suspicious or need to report a non-emergency crime or activity, you can submit a tip in the form of a photo, video, voice message or typed message with the tips feature. The app tracks your location, so the receiver of the tip automatically knows where you are.

The categories of non-emergency tips you can report with the app are: accident, assault/abuse, disturbance, drugs/alcohol, harassment, mental health, motorist assist, repair needed, suspicious activity, theft, vandalism and weapons.

When reporting a tip, you can do so anonymously or give your information.

2. Emergency Options

This feature allows you to call 911, call the University Police Department (UPD) or message UPD.

3. Safety Map

This is a map that shows your location and allows you to find nearby buildings. It also shows the location of blue light emergency phones and defibrillators.

4. Safety Escorts and SafeWalk

On the main page, the Safety Escorts button allows you to call and submit a request for an in-person security escort.

On the tab headed by a walking figure, you can link with your friends on the app and watch each other walk home through the SafeWalk feature. The app pulls up a map and shows your friend’s location and allows you to watch them as they walk and see any irregularities. If they deviate from their path or stop, you can see it and easily contact Public Safety.

Other features

Other features include campus transit tracking, Shuttle Gus information and phone number, campus maps, instructions on emergency procedures, emergency resources at GS and contact information for the UPD.