Old health center to be temporary Interior Design building

Erin McGuiness

The interior design program is temporarily moving to the old health center in December while a new building is underway.

According to Amy Boyett-Whiter, associate professor of interior design, the old health center has been gutted and remodeled to fit the needs of the interior design program. The new space will offer the same facilities to students, such as a design/drafting lab, computer space, a studio and 24-hour access.

“It’s a great thing, because this means that we are one step closer to getting a new building,” Cara Laine Sims, senior fashion merchandising major, said.

According to Boyett-Whiter, two-thirds of the building will be occupied by the interior design program while one-third is office space for the Counseling Center.

A struggle that Diane Phillips, assistant professor of interior design, foresees for the temporary building is the preconceived idea that it used to be a place where sick people went. She also said the rooms are oddly shaped, but she hopes the remodeling will improve them.

“Everything is a struggle when you move, but we have needed to downsize, and we need to use the space efficiently, and we don’t have room for a lot of extra. Our challenge is to consolidate,” Boyett-Whiter said.

Boyett-Whiter believes the move is positive for interior design students because of options like transportation since there is a bus stop and a parking lot nearby. Many people are excited for the temporary move, not because they are getting a new space, but because the move indicates progress on a new building for the program.