Rolling Forward with Georgia Southern’s Motorsports Club

Thomas Barszcz

Our community here at Georgia Southern is full of great minds and innovators. With a variety of clubs and organizations in many different fields, one can find an outlet to express creative and intuitive ideas in the college community and even in the working world.

One such outlet here is Eagle Motorsports. Eagle Motorsports is a club run by GS undergraduate and graduate engineer students who dedicate several hours of their time throughout the year to design and build vehicles in their workshop here on campus. After completion, they then put their creations to the test by presenting and racing in competitions all over the U.S.

Since its existence, the Eagle Motorsports club has always been “the underdogs in competitions” according to the club president Garrett Howze. But due to new changes in the club’s establishment, this year looks more promising.

The Eagle Motorsports is officially associated with the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE). SAE aides groups such as the Eagle Motorsports club by providing access to understanding the latest in automotive technologies and teaching groups how to apply these technologies and even enhance them.

“They are all about furthering technology in the automotive industry,” Howze said.

Eagle Motorsports’ future is also promising due to its membership is at the highest it’s ever been. With a total of almost thirty members, the team is looking forward to being great this year.

“We can design our vehicles based off of the changing technology in the [automotive] industry. This year, we’re trying to really up our game,” Howze said.

The club is always looking for dedicated members to join their innovative team. The club as a whole is separated by two teams: the formula team and the Baja team. The formula team designs, builds and races vehicles for a track and the Baja team does the same but for off-road competitions.

Although separated into two teams, the club as a whole is like a family according to Haden Smith, the formula team captain.

Smith said, “We are like a brotherhood and sisterhood of people. Everyone around here becomes your family.”

Photo courtesy of Tahir Daudier.