Before you see it: Daddy’s Home Review

DJ Fullmer

Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg are joining forces for a PG-13, should have been R, family film. Kind of, this film is supposed to be for families and seemingly inspire its audience to learn that time will solve all wounds, but it is done in the most indirect fashion.

Will Ferrell plays Brad Whitaker who is the step-father of Mark Wahlberg, a Boston God named Dusty Mayron, children and Ferrell is trying to compete for their love when Wahlberg decides to come back to town. The two continuously out-dad each other in many different comical and slapstick ways. These montage sequences cause a few laughs but it becomes very formulaic once the plot sets in.

This is not necessarily a negative thing, but as the trailer shows, you know exactly what you are getting into when the film starts. Another thing to bring up is that this should be an R-rated comedy, and the way the film is edited shows how they cut out a lot of major content to reach a bigger audience/ ticket sale. This does ruin many of the jokes in the film, because they have to cut a higher impact punch-line in order to fill the rating.

Overall, this film is not worth the ticket price but worth watching if it was on TV one day. So this is a perfect movie to see for free in the RAC pool this Friday, April 8.

Daddy’s Home receives 2.5 Boston phrases out of 5