The Final Buzzlist: Featuring the return of Matt Sowell

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Matt Sowell

Matt is from the pits of hell, his major is trying his best and he has been a part of Student Media since forever.

(Kidding. Matt is from Waycross, Ga., studies Multimedia Journalism and has been a part of Student Media for three years.)

We interrupt your usual Kat Shuman Buzzlist to bring you me, Matt Sowell, for one last hoorah. After three years of riding the struggle bus (gold route) it’s time to buy a metaphorical parking pass and graduate. This buzzlist isn’t about actual celebrities, it’s about the best people I’ve ever met on campus and me throwing shade and saying goodbye. So, without further ado:

Rashida Otunba, all around bad-ass and future celebrity, was last seen panicking even though nothing is wrong. Girl, you’re my best friend and there’s no way I can fit everything into this. I promise senior year is better than junior year, and when it does get bad you know where to find me. I’m proud of how far you’ve come and can’t wait to see where you’re going.

Meg Elwood, future Vogue editor and successful soccer mom, is spending the Summer in Chicago. Watching you go from a scared candidate to the most kick-ass person I’ve ever met has been a treat. You’re going places, don’t let anyone hold you back.

Ian Leonard, adopted son with severe abandonment issues, is allegedly the new boss of the George-Anne. Son, I’m proud of you. Sorry I can’t always be around. To prove I’m a good nad (newsroom dad) you’re welcome to come visit literally anytime you want.  

Lauren Gorla, future president, continues her climb to the White House one day at a time. Sorry I put “shitty” in the paper junior year, and sorry for doing it again just now. I’m glad we’re friends, never give up because you seriously will probably be the President one day.

William Price, handsome beer snob who is aggressively chill, is finally returning home after a long internship that started at the same time as our friendship. You’re probably the most laid-back and well-put-together person I’ve ever met. Never change and please never stop replicating angsty snapchats.

Casey Cargle, former employer but current friend, is probably mad that I haven’t uploaded this on Town News. I’m sorry.

Skyler Black and Macy Holloway, cutest couple that ever dated, need to literally date for the rest of forever. Seriously guys, you’re both adorable and perfect for each other. You make people like me believe that love is more than a plot line in every Netflix show ever.

Katie Tolbert, current employer and also friend, I’m sorry I missed almost every Circle meeting. Thank you for not beating me up even though you totally could. I can only wish I was as motivated and organized as you. In fact, in grad school I’m going to start using “WWTD” (What Would Tolbert Do) when I have to juggle school, jobs, and relationships.

Kiara Griffin, coolest person I know, keep up the confidence and keep in touch because you’re the closest to being friends with Beyoncé I’ll ever get.

Heather Yeomans, enigma but still perfect, has been MIA for years now. Seriously, I only see you after I’ve had alcohol. Are you real? Are you just a hallucination? If you’re just a vision induced by alcohol, I’m going to keep drinking because when you’re around life is great.

Kenneth Lee, cinnamon bun of a human, is probably smiling somewhere on campus right now. Man, you make the cloudiest days sunny. Keep on keeping on and never stop writing.

Dr. Broadway and Dr. K, professors who have taught 80% of the classes I’ve taken and somehow never killed me, are allegedly going to pass me and let me graduate on time despite a lack of panicky emails and walking into opinion journalism almost 5 minutes late since day one. Thank you for being such great teachers and never giving up on me. I promise that, if we’re friends after I graduate, I won’t send as many emails worrying about grades and life.

Sammi Reid, newsroom mom, reportedly lives in Savannah. Please show me how to be a Savannah native because moving scares me.

Everyone else, you guys rock. Student Media changed my life. I know its cliché and cheesy, but I’ll never forget these last three years and the things I’ve learned. Work hard but take time to enjoy life, never take shit unless you deserve it, and never take yourself too seriously. With that, I’m flying away like Freedom at a football game. Peace out.