Orange Crush calmer than last year

Chris Carter

The annual Orange Crush weekend has just passed. The event is a weekend in which college students from across the region travel to Tybee Island. The weekend is a big party on the beach. There is a long history of animosity toward the event by locals. The beach usually gets trashed and last year there were two shootings.

In anticipation of Orange Crush a police force 100 strong made of cops from around the area were gathered. Police from Bryan, Chatham, and Henry counties as well as Savannah, Jesup and Savannah metro police teamed up with Tybee officials. The visiting officers were deputized to have authority in Tybee Islands jurisdiction.

These officers patrolled the beaches and town. A total of 18 arrests were made over the weekend none of which being considered violent crimes. Most incidents involved traffic violations and drugs.

After the shootings of last year law enforcement felt they needed to take necessary precautions. Despite the history of contempt for Orange Crush by locals and racial tensions with the majority of attendees of Orange Crush being black this year was an improvement.

There was no violence, there was just thousands of college students gathering on Tybee Island to enjoy the sun and the beach.

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