Nathan Deal signs bill to allow funding to centers who discourage abortions

DJ Fullmer

Nathan Deal signed a bill yesterday allowing for funding to pregnancy resource centers who offer aide in pregnancies but will also discourage abortions.

This type of programming has already started with Georgia selling, “Choose Life” motor tags which has earned roughly $416,532 in 2008, according to

According to Guttmacher Institute, cited by, this makes Georgia join 10 other states to allocate funding against abortions. They also continue by stating there were 72,500 abortions reported in Georgia in the year 2013.

Opponents of this bill argue this will cause deceptive advertising techniques and there could other ways to lower abortion rates like sex education.

The proposal is starting at $2 million that will go to funding all these resource centers. However, Deal has not made an official amount yet, and will have until Tuesday to make a final statement in preparation for the financial year (July 1).