Letter to the Editor: An Ode to Flow

Zachary Rainwater

Culture changes as quickly as the seasons. With it, fashion, social norms and business etiquette becomes impossible to fully keep up with. However, there is one constant in the rushing river; one statement that never goes out of style. Flow, bro. All the way back since Jesus, dudes have been rocking the flow to convey how chill they really are. Everyone knows how chill that man was, but he’s not the only one who boycotted scissors. Duane Allman, Leonardo da Vinci, Tatanka Iyotanka and, of course, Tommy Chong to name a few. On top of those bros, I think it’s safe to say that Jimi Hendrix and Bob Ross would be rocking the flow too if their curls weren’t so full of fluff. Something about giving up on personal hygiene opens a person up to so many other opportunities. The only thing that could possibly add to the glory of having long hair is sporting a thick beard. Not stubble; like so thick that sometimes Sunday’s brunch falls out onto Tuesday’s chemistry exam. If you find someone rocking hair past their shoulders and a beard to match, shake his hand. He’s probably a wizard.

Just about the only time in history that flow wasn’t in style was when it was tied to deadbeat hippies that couldn’t be bothered to contribute to society. Sure, freeloaders are the worst kind of people. They took the chill ideals that come with the flow and abused them. However, it’s safe to say society has moved past the negative stigma, only to jump back on the flow bandwagon. It’s truly a beautiful time for flow. Unless you don’t have a beard. If you have flow and you don’t have a beard, pick a new hairstyle.

Girls like the flow. Guys like the flow. Employers usually don’t, but don’t let that hold you back, fellas. Plant those seeds. Love your hair. Let it grow. As I’ve gotten older, my hairline has turned against me and my man-bun isn’t what it used to be, but I’ll advocate the flow until the day I die. If you’ve got the flow, I salute you. Keep fighting the good fight. I love you, bro.