Meet the SGA Exec Candidates – Eudiah Ochieng

Jozsef Papp

Eudiah Ochieng

Vice-President of Academics


Biology, Pre-Physician Assistant

The Student Government Association strives to advocate for the students, to ensure that their voices are being heard. Through our organization, we wish to inform the student body of our purpose and mission as well as how we can aid in their time here at Georgia Southern. One aspect that we all share as Eagles is that we, first and foremost, are students. Responsibilities for SGA are to assist in the academic experience and to identify current academic issues. If elected as Vice President of Academic Affairs, I will actively seek to hear student voices for academic concerns and provide input into established programs including the new attendance policy, SOAR in 4, and the Quality Enhancement Plan: Effective Writing. I aim to serve the students and together we can improve the Georgia Southern University academic experience. 

Photo courtesy of Eudiah Ochieng.