GSA begins new gender and sexual minority closet program

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Tandra Smith and Taisha White

The Georgia Southern Gay Straight Alliance (GSA) has started the GSU Gender and Sexual Minorities closet (GSM), a closet in which transexual/non-gender binary individuals can go and get clothing to make them feel more comfortable. The closet officially started in mid-February.

“I think that it is great knowing that there is a support system behind those struggling with finding clothes while being transgender,” Jacob Richardson, senior early childhood education major, said. “It creates a sense of those in that position to eventually understand who they are and feel comfortable with themselves.”

Katrina Delghingaro, a junior writing and linguistics major and treasurer of the GSA, is in charge of running the closet. She says that the inspiration for the closet came from her own life.

“People don’t have money to buy clothes when they’re trying to transition but wearing and presenting to the gender that matches what you are is an important part of the transition,” Delghingaro said.

Testosterone and hormones cost over $100 and transitioning individuals have to take them once a week for the rest of their life. Often, many don’t have enough money to pay for their clothing, among other things. This is where the closet would come in.

“We all have clothes sitting around that we don’t want to donate to Goodwill, so this way people will have somewhere they can donate their clothes and they know that they’re going to somebody in the community,” Delghingaro said.

The closet will be located in a place that Delghingaro will be sharing with other GSA board members, until they can get a LGBT resource center.

“We want to bring confidence and self love. We want people to feel comfortable in their bodies. That’s the number one thing we want to do,” Delghingaro said.

However, Delghingaro isn’t alone. Other members of GSA have contributed quite a bit to the closet. Ethan Winters, vice president of GSA, is one of them. He is the co-helper for the closet.

“GSA members have helped by giving and donating clothes. Response for the closet has been really positive and people outside of GSA have been really excited to help,” Winters said.

For some students, it could be considered the best way to be frugal.

“I feel like it is a good idea for numerous reasons. For one, it would save them a lot of money and it would help boost the confidence of those involved,” Tyler Mims, senior interior design major, said.

The GSM closet is taking much needed donations. If you are interested in donating clothing, or have any other questions, contact Katrina Delghingaro at