New art exhibit come to the Center for Art & Theater

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Chris Carter

“The Things We Keep” by Allison Tierney is a new art exhibit at Georgia Southern University. The exhibit is being put on by the Georgia Southerns’ Betty Foy Sanders Department of Art.

The exhibit is open to the public and will be going on through March 25th.

The works of art incorporate found material and non-traditional use of paint. “Since the majority of my materials are found, they come with their own histories, forms and physical qualities. I exploit this material baggage to see how far painting can be pushed, ” Allison Tierney, according to, said.

Tierney’s idea is that these used objects have their own story that can be incorporated into the work of art. It is also a commentary on consumerism and D-I-Y and throwaway culture.

Having used and thrown away items can show how society is wasteful and companies actually make things so they break so people have to buy more.It also shows how you can make something new out of thrown away things.

The exhibit is in the Center for Art & Theater until March 25th.