SGA Elections : Executive Board positions

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Jozsef Papp

Student Government Association elections begin on April 4 with campaigning currently taking place. Each member of the SGA Executive Board has responsibilities that are specified in the SGA Constitution to help the organization fulfill its mission of serving the student body.

2015-2016 SGA Executive Board positions and duties

President – Charles Glover

Graduate clinical mental health major

  • Official representative of the student body at offical university functions
  • Serve as the university delegate to the Student Advisory Council of the Board of Regents of the University Sytem of Georgia
  • Oversee the Presidential Advisory Committee
  • Power to vote in case of a tie and veto a senate action
  • Serve as Parliamentarian in the absence of the Executive Vice-President

Executive Vice-President – Kaitlin Kidwell

Junior political science major

  • Serve as the presiding officer and president of the Senate
  • Act as the interim president in the absence of the president
  • Act as president in the case of removal or resignation of the president
  • Responsible for upholding Parliamentary procedures during Senate meetings
  • Serve as a non-voting member

Vice-President of Academic Affairs – Errol Spence

Graduate Health policy and management major

  • Responsible for overseeing the total development of academic programs
  • Oversee the work of all Faculty Senate Standing Committees and SGA
  • Attend all Undergraduate Council and Calendar Committee and serve as the voting member of both committees
  • Oversee the SGA’s annual scholarship selection process
  • Oversee the United Way philanthropy and the Eagles for Eagles initiative

Vice-President of Finance – Cooper Largent

Junior information technology major

  • In charge of all disbursements and financial operations of SGA
  • Oversee expenditures by organizations receiving funding from SGA
  • Oversee the Financial Advisory Committee and the Activity Budget Committee
  • Make an overall budget report by the first Senate meeting of every month

Vice-President of Auxiliary Affairs – Adam Clay

Junior Marketing and logistics major

  • Liaison for the student body and consult the Director of Auxiliary Services
  • Initiate policy and programs that concern all Auxiliary services provided by GSU
  • Identify and investigate any University-wide issues pertaining to student life and create legislation to address the issue
  • Chair the Auxiliary Services Committee and oversee the Auxiliary Affairs Advisory Committee

Publicity Coordinator – Kayla Rose

Public relations major

  • Responsible for all of SGA’s advertisements, publicity and press releases
  • Contact person for media transactions
  • Oversee the Marketing Committee
  • Appointed by the Elected Executive Officers and affirmed by majority vote of the Senate

Executive Assistant – Morgan Thomas

Senior English major

  • Responsible for official roll and recording the Executive Board and Senate meetings minutes
  • Responsible for all administrative duties
  • Appointed by the Elected Executive Officers and affirmed by majority vote of the Senate

Web Designer – Justin Nichols

Junior information technology major

  • Promote media presence and oversee all operations regarding SGA’s website
  • Improve and bring new ideas to improve the website
  • Appointed by the Elected Executive Officers and affirmed by majority vote of the Senate

Graduate Assistant – Benjamin Dyer

Graduate healthcare administration major

  • Oversee Shuttle Gus and SGA elections
  • Serve as liasion between SGA and the Dean of Students
  • Notify members of their absences as well as dismiss members from SGA

For a full list of the duties of each Executive Board member, check out the SGA 2015-2016 constitution.

Photo courtesy of SGA’s website.