Letter to the Editor: African American History Month

Carter G. Woodson in February 1926 founded Negro History Week a time meant to celebrate the contributions of African Americans in American history. Today we celebrate Black History Month the entire month of February. Little known fact, Woodson chose February to honor the birth months of Frederick Douglass and Abraham Lincoln.

I’m a proud black in this modern day Civil Rights era. A time where innocent black men are gunned and shot done sensely. Blacks are denied their basic rights daily as the established stereotypes cloud the mind and vision of the majority. We even who have a black President whose progress had been limited due to Congress’s inability to work with a black man. Just calling it like I see it.

The contributions of African Americans go beyond my current knowledge. I do know this, America would’ve never risen to this height it has today, had it not been for us black folk. Those same black folk you refer to as them, y’all people, niggas, niggers, monkeys, coons and the more. But be reminded, those same black folks aided Thomas Edison in his discovery of light and the light bulb, developed the stop light, developed the cell phone and the list could go on. Hell, we’ve established our own college, produced the finest of the finest and still exist today. Those black people, mainly women, even raised white children and a more of a mother than the one who birthed them. That’s American history.

If I have one problem it’s this. The manipulation of our culture by the majority. You listen and sing our music. Dress, calling it new trends, how we dress. And the list goes on. Yet, you have a problem when we identify and confront racism. Yet, you have a problem with the fact that institutionalized and systematic racism still exist in America. Yet, you have a fact that whites still look at us, black people, as less than. But, the hell with that.

We, African Americans, have more to offer and have offered more than any other race. We are a chosen people and a intricately designed and uniquely developed people. Tell a people who has women and brothers of all shapes and sizes, with such beauty, elegance and poise. I’ll wait, the answer is you can’t. So, let me leave you with this.

Learn to appreciate African Americans, our accomplishments, our contributions, our culture, our faith, our love, our sincerity and our uniqueness. Because we aren’t going anywhere. We’re here to fight discrimination, injustice and racism. We’re here to confront and fight for the likes of Flint, MI and St. George’s Parish in Louisiana. We’re here to stay.

Happy black history month. Happy African American Heritage Month. And may God bless you and may his grace and mercy continue to abide.