Tornado Causes Damages to Fort Stewart

Gabe Thomas

Though there was no tornado in Statesboro Wednesday night, the same cannot be said for Fort Stewart and Hinesville.

According to the Savannah Morning News, a tornado passed through both places and touched down in Hinesville for about 10 minutes. The tornado left debris while also causing damage to houses and buildings.

The elementary school on Fort Stewart is closed today due to damage it received in the storm. About 40-50 people in Hinesville were forced to look for alternative housing as a result of the tornado.

Frank Alsheimer, a meteorologist for the National Weather Service in Charleston, South Carolina, told the Savannah Morning News this is not the normal season for tornados, but the warmer weather probably can be blamed for the tornado that developed Wednesday.

“This is pretty early,” Alsheimer said. “Usually when we get tornados our season is March, April, May, and sometimes June. It can happen in February, but they’re not nearly as frequent.”

For videos of the tornado Fox5Atlanta has multiple: