Statesboro Film Festival is Back!

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  • Photo Courtesy of Statesboro Herald

Blakely Bartley

At 7 pm on Friday, April 15, the Eighth Annual Statesboro Film Festival will feature locally-made films at the Averitt Center in downtown Statesboro.

According to the Statesboro Herald, festival producer Matt Bankhead adjusted the rules this year to reflect the increasing talent of local filmmakers. This year, the maximum length allowed for a film entry has increased from 8 minutes to 12 minutes. However, Bankhead warns that most award-winning films from previous years fell within 4 and 7 minutes.

Every year, the festival awards one entry the title of “Best Film.” Previously, the creators of the best film won a cash prize of $500. This year, the prize will double to $1,000.

The festival aims to provide a creative outlet for filmmakers in the community. According to Bankhead, the festival welcomes films by experienced filmmakers and beginners alike.

“I urge anyone with an itch to see what they can do with a camera to give it a shot,” said Jim Healy, the operations manager for the Statesboro Herald. “It’s amazing how good films can now be made using just an iPhone or an Android. The key is having a good story and a passion for wanting to tell that story in a short film.”