Seniors reflect on time at Georgia Southern

Kevin Keneely

Senior swimmer Kylee Parsons and diver Emma Weisel are both competing in their final meet with the team next week at the conference tournament in Athens, GA.

Coming into Georgia Southern these two girls had no idea who the other was, Parsons is from Akron, PA and Weisel is from Lawrenceville, GA but swimming and diving has made them closer than ever.

Every time Parsons gets in the pool, Weisel is always on the sideline cheering her on and calling her “Killer”, a nickname only Weisel would call her.

The role of a leader or someone the younger athletes can look up to is vital in all sports, and both Emma and Kylee seem to have a good understanding of what it means to be a leader.

“Coming in my freshman year I looked up to the older girls. And now having the tables turned and I’m the upperclassmen. I try to be there for Hannah (freshman diver) like the older girls were there for me my freshman year. I try to take a lot of the pressure off her, make sure she’s enjoying the experience. I also try to be really happy during practice because it’s easier to get though the hard days when you have someone to laugh,” Weisel said.

“I guess just being positive and not letting them see how nervous I am or how if I’m not 100% ready,” Parsons said. “Just letting them know that we have been training all year and the hard work is in so we are going to do well no matter what.”

“I don’t if there is one particular moment that stands out above the others,” Weisel said. “But what really made these past four years amazing were the teammates. Having the other divers there to pick you up when you’re down and to join in on the celebration of the great moments was the best. Having those people surround you who are there for you and support you in any situation is priceless.”

“I think last year at Conference when I went a 1:49 in the 200 Free for the first time,” Parsons said. “It was the first day of conference so I wasn’t expecting it until the 3rd day, so that was pretty exciting.”

Both of these girls realize that soon they will have to move on from Georgia Southern and the memories they miss most.

“I think it will be my teammates, just how they made the experience worth it, they will be the thing I miss the most. Divers and swimmers, all of them have each made an impact on me and my career and they are such a great group of girls that I will miss dearly,” Weisel said.

“Just to be able to hang out with my team, go to the pool if its nice out and just hang out and do whatever,” Parsons said.

They are both still trying to figure out what exactly they are going to do once their swimming careers are over, but they both plan on going home and looking for work this summer.