First Year Survival Guide

Treasure Johnson

1. Don’t fall victim to the “class paradox.” You can’t have everything you want. If you don’t want to have early morning classes prepare to be in class later, especially if you’re trying to avoid Friday classes.

2. Don’t be afraid of Club Hendy. This isn’t high school anymore, the library is actually the cool spot! However, the silence on the fourth floor can be brutal. Try the 3rd floor out. It’s a nice medium between dead silence and activity.

3. If you have a math class CHECK MYMATHLAB DAILY. If you don’t, chances are you’ve missed three homework assignments and a quiz. DO NOT PROCRASTINATE.

4. Don’t make the mistake or the habit of using all your absences in the first few weeks. Once you start skipping you’ll get behind in your classes. You’ll regret it when you really are sick but you have to go to class because you’ve missed too many days and will fail if you skip again.

5. The RAC is your friend. The meal plan is a blessing and a curse because what to eat is never a problem but the freshman 15 is. It’s not a myth. Just walking around campus isn’t enough, it’s important to exercise as much as you can. Might as well use it, you’re paying for it anyway.

6. Make friends and get involved. Emphasis on making friends. College is much more bearable if you put yourself out there and find people who are interested in the same hobbies as you. Joining a club and/or organization is a great way to socialize and stay busy.

7. Seating is crucial. Do not sit in the back of your classes. The front seats are often the best for learning. Paying attention and taking good notes are two simple keys to success. Good notes will save your life one day, mark my words. 

8. You won’t always see eye to eye with your roommates. If you guys just met this semester or even if you have been friends for years: compromise and communication are very important when it comes to living together.

9. If you have dining dollars, don’t get carried away and spend them all in the first few weeks. Find a way to make them stretch. You WILL want Starbucks during midterms and finals.

10. Staying at home a few weekends out the semester won’t kill you. I promise you will be okay. There will be many parties but remember parties are free. Georgia Southern charges $100+ per credit hour. Prioritize.